Bulmers are at last claiming their natural territory.  After hopping around as a me-too Magners for years, they’re hitting their stride. This is a nice strong claim. Great British cider. We’ve been doing this stuff for years, people. The odd thing are these fantasy Bulmers drinkers, presumably there in order

There are only six markets

I’m still taken by Rolf Jensen’s notion that there are only six markets. Here they are, with some examples: 1 The market for adventure – lastminute.com, Ann Summers, Boardman Bikes, , Cisco, Virgin Atlantic 2. The market for love and belonging (togetherness) – BBC Worldwide, Wickes, Centreparcs. National Trust 3.

Make an offer

Spent  some timeMullarkey-ing around with Neil Mullarkey of the Comedy Store Players He comes recommended if you’re looking to liven things up in your team. One of the core things he (and improv theatre teaches) is that you have to make an offer. Nothing happens unless you do. If you

Some conviction for you

Working with a client who is very unconvinced about what direction she’s going in. We looked at this. It helped. Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

Standing out from the crowd

This is the scene that greets you on a video that is all about how important it is in business to stand out from the crowd. Of the three middle aged white men in grey suits it’s the one in the middle giving the advice. It’s actually quite good advice,

Beautiful Insights No 7. What’s the Church for?

Many powerful insights can be framed as choices. In doing so, they become urgent human choices. As the Guardian leader said so eloquently, apropos the St Paul’s resignations. A church is either a movement or it is a building. It can operate like a moral community or a property management

Beautiful insights #5 Don’t Tell The Bride

The economist historian Avner Offer argues that society we develop certain commitment devices – marriage, the welfare state – that enable us to deal with our frailties. Dan Ariely takes this a bit further. When you spend £25K on a wedding, you’re less likely to break things off when the

Beautiful insights #4 How we change needs changing

Move from Big Change to a portfolio of ventures. This isn’t a new insight. But such is the ego and security – driven attachment to Big Change that it needs frequent re-emphasis. Change can no longer be about leaving a rough patch and moving everyone to a happier place (v1


Go figure

Q Which of these countries has the highest quarterly GDP rate? UK, USA, France or Belgium? A Belgium at a frisky 0.7% Q Which of those countries has no functioning government? A Belgium In other words, just puttering along doing what you were doing before and letting the economy work

Stop asking 'why'

A visit to Acacia Avenue’s Word on the Street event. Thoughts. Our every choice is loaded. Your brain is like a fighter aircraft. We need to make peace with our addictions. These were just three of the intellectual firecrackers thrown into the room. The theme was Behavioural Economics – does